Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project | 2005.09 | Guadalquivir Regimes

Process background
> Difference of degree was regarded in its capacity to engender difference in kind. Researches on redundancy, excess, and intensive constraining allowed linear, superficial, and spatial models to be actively responsive to information.
> Difference was considered as part of their systematicity.
> Primary regimes were constitutes as responsive programmatic accommodation, and constitution of material organization.
> Rigorous yet inexact geometries have been the conditions to the exploration of formation processes. Form was achieved, rather than directly manipulated.
> The incorporation of information to this system intense extreme of urbanization, testing the capacity of the consistencies to achieve further differentiation within their logics through the proliferation and interference of difference across the material components.

System process
> Linear arrangement of 2 water canals branch out of the GUADALQUIVIR river constituting an open logistic of landscape sustenance and organization of shared open space.
The canals were distributed through a topography transformation that incorporates the arrangement of mounds that mediate the actual surface topography level and the river level.
> The system works establishing dynamic negotiations between water and land, territory and building construction.
> The current topography was textured and diversified through a system of triangulation that regulates the water river entrance within the lot, integrating volumetric discretness with superficial continuity.
> According to the different water canal arrangements, differential landscape clusters were created.
Each landscape cluster works as a prototype. A differential prototype that is sufficient robust to accommodate contingency, and that is consistent enough to do so with out collapsing into a merely accidental series of operations.
> Local transformations were established to accommodate infrastructural systems for cars.
> Perpendicular lines to the infrastructure system negotiate the relation of infrastrucutre with the landscape fields.
> The visual permeability of each plot to the landscape field determines the highest level for building construction. The centrifugal traces of the bands scanning configure the influence of openness of the public space in each potential house.
> A completely differentiated catalogue of adaptative housing bands was created.

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