Thursday, October 29, 2009

Project | 2004.04 | Sedimentary Regimes

A landscape-urbanism operative system by which the city of Amposta can address its impending urban transformation mediating building construction and territorial impact.
[Sedimentary process > actions where regroupings and stabilizations of the materials prevail… accretions and agredations more or less located and transitory]

A.- Landscape + Urbanism > constitute a new way of practice where techniques and landscape modes of operation are integrated within the domain of urbanism.
For urbanism, Landscape operations introduce a context that is at once pre-existent and simultaneous to an actual urban condition.
A landscape urbanism operation engineers a unique operative capacity that allows an intensive coexistent between architecture and territory.

B.- Operative system > This system is describable in terms of interconnected variables, such that for a variation in any variable there are changes in all those connected to it.
Urban organizations as this complex system dismantles the idea of the project as a closed object and enables the modulation of such flexibility through increasing rigorous adjustment.

C.- Amposta > The impending urban transformation of Amposta (40% of population growth in the next 10 years), and consequently, their housing demand, can not be responded by a single "body of work".
In terms of housing facilities, this proposal considers that a development of 200.000 m2 of housing and 40.000 m2 of equipment can not have just one answer (The competition lot area represents 1/3 of the current area of the Amposta city).

We propose a system of territorial control. A system by which the developers needs are mediated with the new Amposta neighbours requirement, and them both with the territory.
The proposal was developed as a system. As a complex operative system.
A system that works with material organizations and performs a substance able to integrate negotiations.
A system that reconfigures and prepares the ground to be colonized.  A system that works by a strategy of topography alteration generating a heterogeneous field in which there is difference as well as regularity.

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