Saturday, October 31, 2009

Project | 2008.04 | InfoFIELD

1.- InfoPoint > InfoFIELD
It is not the aim of the project to create an object rather than to materialize a field of information.
A field generated by the constant flows of data that cross through the city and everyday life.
A field that describes a space of propagations, of effects. A continuous field of conditions, moving from de one toward the many, from individuals to collectives, from objects to fields.

2.-39mts. > InfoFIELD
A 39mts. horizontal field space to be colonized by people.
A 39mts. long bench for the Piazza Castello.
A 39mts. poster building to be indexed by information and data.

3.-Programm organization
Programmatic continuity > Linear and sequenced distribution of activities establishing a minimum possible wide for each program were created along the 39mts. InfoFIELD.

4.-System / Structure / Material
A system that creates a heterogeneous “architectural landscape field” in which there is differentiation as well as regularity.
A simple and systematic structure composed by prefabricated beams of composed recycled wood that interlock generating continuous ribs and pallets for an easy setting up/dismantling process.
Variable interlock systems allow natural and artificial lighting on the InfoFIELD.
(con Magdalena Ostornol)

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